I’m nervously excited to begin this journey with you. Thanks for packing up and showing up. Every journey deserves a traveling party, an interesting traveling party, like you.

This one right here is not just any kind of journey… we’re about to begin a road trip. We’ll be stretching as far as we can. We’ll walk, jog, run and drive as fast as our wheels let us.

If you’re ready, I was before you arrived.

let’s start by asking WHY INVISIBLE GYM?

“…physical training is of some value- useful for a little; but Godliness
[Spiritual training] is useful and of value in everything and in every way,
For it holds promise for the present life and also for the life which is to
Come” -1Timothy4:8 (AMP)

“…train yourself towards Godliness (piety)-
Keeping yourself spiritually fit…” -1Timothy4:7b (AMP)

Of course, “physical training is of some value.” We all love a gym body, wearing the perfect dress and walking towards us (unless we’re haters at that moment). Whenever this happens, if we’re wearing our good mood, we stop our business for a while… just to appreciate God for the moment. Some of us who have mastered the act of friendliness even take the next step to say “Girl you look good!” Men always love their ladies sizes in 2s, 4s and 8s. Once a lady is having two digits as her size, most men would prefer she jogs down to one.

It wouldn’t be a prophecy, if I say that few years from now a standard gym will be as relevant as the bathroom in every modern home in Nigeria. Not everybody will want to agree with me on this one though. You might think I’m taking the whole gym thing too far (I think so too). Well, let the countdown to few years begin…
While we’re counting and waiting, let me seize the moment to tell us about The Invisible Gym.

So, The Invisible Gym? What is it about?

Spiritual Training.

Being Spiritually Fit.

The activities that we carried out, in other to replicate in the physical what the blood of JESUS already made us in the spiritual. This is about laying emphasis on our inner being- the real us- so much so our spirit man dominates who we are in the physical.

When we feed our stomach, we grow physically. When we exercise our body, our muscles become firm and stronger. This is the same in the spiritual realm. We need to feed on God’s word, meditate on the word, pray with the word, carry out activities that are “the word approved” because these are the things our spirit man feeds on. Yes, we already have a perfect spirit the moment we gave our life to Jesus. Nonetheless, if we don’t consciously pay attention to the needs of our spirit man and deliberately do things that are for it, our spirit man will get into the state of spiritual inactivity. Spiritual inactivity- this is not a state God will have us be in.

The Invisible Gym was all set up, long before we all arrived life; equipment, Trainer, Nutritionist, décor… you name it. It was all set up, long before we got here, waiting for us to come. All we need do is carry our sorry and tired selves and plod into this gym.

How? It’s about a willing heart; a willing heart that has submitted to Jesus, a willing heart that believes right or wants to believe right, a willing heart that allows or wants to allow the Holy Spirit work in him, daily.

How is your inner man?

When last did you take it for a long walk?

Or maybe, a simple jog?

Do you even know the equipment you need for your training?

Do you know where and how to start?

When last did you have a chat with our Trainer/ Nutritionist?

Do you even know our Trainer/ Nutritionist?

Do you have a working relationship with this Trainer/Nutritionist?

Have you even submitted to Jesus?

Is Jesus the Lord of your life?

In The Invisible Gym our different equipment are the verses of the Bible. The verses of the Bible are also our Health Foods. Our Trainer and Nutritionist is one and the same- the person of the Holy Spirit. The amplified version of the Bible best explains our Trainer/Nutritionist. According to John 14:16, the Holy Spirit is our;








And He remains with us forever… HE is not here to condemn us, criticize us, show us our weaknesses or affirm the FAT wrongs that everyone can see. HIS job description is to help us become ALL God want us to be.
Our main training target is our mind;

“I appeal to you therefore, brethren and beg of you in view
Of all the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your
Bodies-presenting all your members and faculties…
Do not be conformed to this world-but be transformed (changed)
By the entire renewal of your mind…” Romans12:1,2 (AMP)

This blog is not The Invisible Gym, (well, if it’s invisible it means it can’t be seen, right?)This is only a platform that will promote the values and belief system of The Invisible Gym. So, in this platform we’ll talk about the Bible: its chapters and verses, its stories and their lessons, its revelations and wisdoms, its heroes and The Hero- Jesus. You know, all those real cool stuff.

The phrase “The Invisible gym” came to me on the 20th of February 2017, in the place of study and meditation. It came and introduced a new consciousness to my world, a new consciousness that has placed my Spiritual journey on a smoother track. I pray that, in the best and unique way that suit your Spirit man, may your own “new” be introduced too, because God’s kingdom needs us fit.

Again, welcome. Welcome to the beginning of a BEAUTIFUL journey.



6 thoughts on “YOU’RE WELCOME…”

  1. Am so happy to be the first to drop a comment here.
    Am sure going to be part of this journey all the way. Am sure it’s gonna be an exciting one.
    With all the invisible seat ups, push ups, jogging… etc I will sure develop some muscle

  2. Godliness is profitable unto ALL things.

    AMP:When you bear (produce) much fruit, My Father is honored and glorified, and you show and prove yourselves to be true followers of Mine.John 15:8

    We only bear fruits when we exercise our self unto godliness.

    More Grace Deborah.

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