Have you ever desired something…or maybe someone? (Smiles). I want to believe your answer is yes. Now, desires normally start as a slight thought. A thought drops in a mind and the mind begins to chew on it…and as the mind chews on the thought, the mind begins to fall in love with the thought…and then the mind will send a signal to the entire body…and soon the thought the mind has been chewing on and falling in love with will be what the entire body wants to do. Now if this was your mind and body, you’ll hear yourself saying things like, “I desire to do this.” “I’m so passionate about this.” “Oh! how I wish I can just have this.” “I can’t wait to visit there.” “I want to learn how to do this” Etc.

But, do you know that the mind doesn’t just create a thought? Every thought the mind feeds on is definitely what we’ve consciously or unconsciously exposed to the mind. As I write this, I’m pretty sure there’s an incredibly rich and flavoursome drink in Paris that I will really love, but I don’t know about that drink yet, and I haven’t tasted it. So, because I know nothing about it…I can’t desire it. I haven’t seen it. I don’t know what it tastes like…I can’t desire it. That’s how this “desire thing” works.

Even inventions had triggers. People saw a need and wanted to meet the need, and they started thinking out solutions. The solutions came because their minds refused to let go. Things don’t come into our minds in their developed form. They come as a single drop, and as the mind keeps pondering on them…they’ll keep developing. Everything that goes in our minds has a source and that source can be good or bad.

Now, there are sources that are “obviously good” but might not be good for a particular person. This reminds me of my misery at 8. I was very sick and for a reason best known to the doctor and my parents I was not allowed to take oily foods. Gosh! Christmas was very horrible that year. I remember how my mum gave me coleslaw without mayonnaise. Seriously, what is coleslaw without mayonnaise? I couldn’t eat my dearest Egusi soup too. Why? I wasn’t supposed to take oily food. You see, we sometimes have a “supposedly” good desire, and we just run with it, believing because it is “good” it is more than enough reason to run with it…but that’s not how it works. I cried when my mum denied me of my “favorites.” I wasn’t happy, at all, but it wasn’t good for me, even if my siblings were devouring those oily foods right in front of me. Oily foods aren’t bad, but, as of then, they weren’t good for me. It might be an “obvious good” and it might still not be good for you.

Dear Saint, everything is not good for you. Hence, there are sources that shouldn’t birth desires in you. Yes, it really does matter where our desires originate from, especially desires that determine major life decisions.


We are all created differently by God. We are all unique. God didn’t replicate any one on earth. We might look alike, sound exactly the same and even exude similar attributes, but no two persons are exactly the same, not even twins that share the same DNA. That explains why we’re all going to be standing before the judgment seat of Christ all by ourselves…every man for himself. Even the married folks that are now one flesh will still be separated during judgment.

God didn’t just make us uniquely; He also gave us unique assignments, destinies and purposes. We all have our lane to run our race. I like to say, “We just don’t have a lane; we have the entire field to ourselves.” It’s not like the Olympics where you have about seven persons on the same field, starting at the same time and having the same finish line, no. This race of life you’re running is for you and you alone, there’s no one competing beside you, behind you or before you. It is very important for you to note this.

Why is it important for you to understand your individuality and uniqueness?     

It will help you understand that your goal shouldn’t be to be like anyone. It will help you see why it is very okay and wise to learn from people; but very wrong to want to be like anyone. It will also help you realize how important it is for you to watch and control your thoughts. And of course, for you to know that it is wisdom to be very deliberate about the atmosphere and environments you expose yourself to, because they’ll eventually determine your thoughts.

Here is the chain; when you’re exposed to the wrong environment and atmosphere, your mind will pick up the wrong thoughts. When your mind develops those wrong thoughts, it will become your desires. At the desire stage, your entire being wants your desire, and the tricky thing about this is, this desire that started as a thought that was birthed from a wrong atmosphere and environment might now be an obvious good…and you and everyone else might not see how wrong it is really for you.

So, what makes an environment and atmosphere wrong?    

There are “obvious wrongs” and there are “obvious rights.” We can simply identify right from wrong, when it is very obvious…so, that’s not what this is about. This is about an obvious right that can be wrong. Let me give another illustration, to help us understand better: Now, there are medications that are very good, but pregnant women are advised to stay away from such medications, because they have babies growing inside of them, and if they take those medications it’ll harm their babies. It’s the same with children; they can’t take some medications that adults can comfortably take. Again, what is good for someone else; might be very bad for you.

If you’re where God doesn’t want you to be, then you’re in a wrong place, and that wrong place might still be God’s good for someone else. An obvious right can be very wrong for you, if that’s not what God will have you do; when He’ll have you do it or how He’ll have you do it. As Christians, we have to understand that we shouldn’t just follow the crowd. We can’t number our days the way we feel like. We just can’t do whatsoever we want to do. We have to be sure that our desires are birthed from the right source. For a Saint, a follower of Christ…your right source is God, and the way to God is Jesus.

We can’t stay away from God and still birth all God wants us to birth, the way He wants us to birth them and how He wants us to birth them. Always remember that heaven doesn’t define success like we do here on earth. You might have money, cars, houses and all finer things in life and still not be at the center of God’s will for your life. We’re on a journey…we’re on a mission. At each point in our journey and mission, we have what God will have us do. The finer things in life are just things that are on the road, as we journey. If we have the principles of getting those finer things in life; we’ll have and keep having them, as we continue our journey…but it will be…permit me to say…”folly” to let those finer things in life distract us from our mission, because that’s not why we’re here.

Why are you pursuing for that? Why are you building that career? Can you confidently say that it is God that is leading you to that city or you’re just moving because your friend suggested it? Why do you need more money? Why are you in that relationship? Are you doing what God will have you do? Do you even know what He’ll have you do now?

We have to learn to walk with God. He is the only one that truly knows us. He created the life you’re living out, and there’s a way He wants you to live out the life. He doesn’t want you to guess your way through this life. He doesn’t want you to just do what looks right. He has a unique “right” for you. He has the blueprint to your original journey. Yes…it matters where your desires originates from. It has to be from God. Our desires influence our decisions, and decisions are little choices that will ultimately determine our life’s trajectory.

This is not to scare us and make us live in the bondage of fear.

This is to help us get to the point where we are very open to God. This is to help us understand why prayers and Bible studies are very important, and should be a daily activity. This is to help us understand the power we expose ourselves to when we pray in the Holy Ghost.

This is not to scare you away from your goals and objectives. You don’t have to stop pursuing your goals and objectives, because you’re not sure God will have you pursue them. when you let God into your goals and plans; you give Him the wheel…and He knows how to steer you into His best. This is to remind and tell you to be very conscious about committing your ways to God. It is about being deliberate in asking God for wisdom and direction, as we set out to set goals and objectives. This is about giving God the FULL permission to interrupt your life, if He has and wants to, and being absolutely willing to submit to Him, when He interrupts your life.

The Bible says:

“…set your minds and keep them on what is above—the higher things—not on the things that are on the earth… Let the word [spoken by] the Christ, the Messiah, have its home (in your hearts and mind) and dwell in you in [all its] riches…” Colossians 3: 2&16 (AMPC)

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” Matthew 6:21 (AMPC)

“Lean on, trust and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind. And do not rely on your own insight or understanding. In all your ways know, recognize and acknowledge Him and He will direct and make straight and plain your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6 (AMPC)

“Do not be conformed to this world—this age, fashioned after and adapted to its external, superficial customs. But be transformed (changed) by the (entire) renewal of your mind—by its new ideas and it’s new attitude—so that you may prove [for yourself] what is the good and acceptable and perfect will of God, even the thing which is good and acceptable and perfect [in His sight for you]” Romans 12:2 (AMPC)

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your hearts.” Psalms 37:4 (AMPC)

“Roll your works upon the Lord—commit and trust them wholly to Him; [He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be establish and succeed.” Proverbs 16:3 (AMPC)

The last two verses summarize it. When we focus on Jesus, our desires automatically align to the will of God for our lives. As we keep beholding Jesus, our thoughts will be of and from Him…and they develop into desires that are completely for His glory.

The devil will never stop. As long as we’re in this world, we’ll always be exposed to things that aren’t good for us, little wonder, why the Bible says to guard our hearts. That also explains why the Bible tells us to watch and pray…and pray without ceasing. So, this is to remind and tell you to always check a desire and be sure it’s Holy Spirit inspired and approved, because a desire that’s an obvious good doesn’t always equals to…God’s approved.

My prayer for You and Me:      

Dear heavenly Father, we thank You for Your everlasting Love. We’re grateful for Your Love that will never let go of us or give up on us. Father we ask that we experience and understand this Love of Yours like never before, and may we eventually fall in love with You too, like never before. For we know, that when we’re in love with You too, our desires will be for You, and when our desires are for You, we’re sure our desires for other things will be from and of You. We know you hear us, and we know You’ll do much more than we’ve asked…in Jesus’ name.


Get in gym,

Stay Spiritually Fit.


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