Another Judas?

Hopefully, this is going to be a quick one. Let’s unpack the thought of “Another Judas.”

First, while He was a man on earth, Jesus had so many followers who believed in Him. In Luke 10, we see that Jesus sent out 72 of His followers to go out and proclaim that the kingdom of God is near. I’m not very good at maths, but without turning to technology, I know enough maths to know that 72 minus 12 is 60….right?

Okay, right (I confirmed). So, apart from the 12 “main disciples,” who were like His wingmen, Jesus could gather 60 other persons He trusted, and send on a “Kingdom Mission.” Interesting.

Why do I find that interesting? Well, it means that Jesus didn’t just have other followers, He had other followers who were capable of being and doing what the 12 were and did. Nonetheless, among the 12 was Judas…a thief (I’m not the one who called him a thief, John did. It’s right there in the Gospel of John, 12 :6). This thief will also become the person who’ll hand Jesus over to His killers. Again, interesting…really interesting.

Judas wasn’t just a follower of Jesus. He was a “key follower,” yet he wasn’t a true follower. Everyone, except Jesus, saw him as a true follower. When you call the major 12, there he was. He even had a position on the team. He was the treasurer. You have to understand how big of a deal it was to be a Jesus’ follower then. Jesus was out and about getting the Jewish leaders—Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests and High Priest— really mad. They all wanted to kill Jesus. He kept slipping from their plots because His time to die hadn’t come. It was risky to be a Jesus’ follower. Risker to be part of the major 12. The “risker” is not a place you put yourself in, if you know you’re not all in. You could have just been on the side, like one of the other 60 persons Jesus sent out. We don’t even know their names. Yet, here was Judas, moving like a true follower, when he wasn’t a true follower at his very core. You can’t blame anyone for thinking Judas was just about the show. Dear Judas, why?

Okay, enough of this Judas. Let’s shift the searchlight to you.

Are you not Another Judas? Are you all in? Or you’re just all about the show?

Our walk with Jesus isn’t a show. Doing the “Jesus activities,” for people to “see you” isn’t what Christianity is about. It’s not about going to church. It’s not about serving in a church. It’s not about giving to a church. Christianity is being Christ-like at the core of who you are, in the dark and in the light. Are you a Christian? Or you’re just a Christian on paper? This is not to condemn you. This is to make sure you’re not comfortable with being Another Judas.

Every other person might not really know you to the core, because you wear the costume and play the Christian role so well. However, as He knew who Judas was, Jesus also knows who you are. I believe most of us now play the Christian role so well that we even deceive ourselves. We tell ourselves that we believe in Jesus, and we keep that narrative going. But, we don’t live like Him…we don’t live for Him. Is that you? 

In the Gospel of John, Jesus made some “I Am” declarations. My favourites of all the I Am declarations is, “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” (SEE John 11:25). Jesus said that, moments before He raised Lazarus, who was dead and buried for four days, back to life.  He didn’t just prove that statement to be true when He raised Lazarus from the grave. He also proved it, when He allowed Himself to be killed, only to resurrect, after three days. This Jesus is the “Author and Perfecter” of the Christian faith. He loves you, so much so, He wants to have a true relationship with you. The essence of Life is in Him. Don’t be another Judas to Him. Don’t just be His follower for the show. He wants you to live, move and have your entire being in Him (SEE Acts 17:28).

Make this Easter memorable. Like never before, go all out for Jesus; go all in with Jesus.

My prayer for you and me:

No matter the level you are in your walk with Jesus, may you go deeper and higher, and may that growth never stop, until you see Jesus, face-to-face. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Get in the Gym,

Stay Spiritually Fit.


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