Chant, “Immanuel”

“Look! The virgin will conceive a child! She will give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel, which means, God is with us.” Matthew 1:23 (NLT)

If you celebrate Christmas without chanting, “Immanuel,” that’s a big problem.

Okay, slow down a bit. Don’t be in a hurry to squeeze your face with a “Huh?” Just hear me out.

First, a background to my claim

From the Garden of Eden, God has always been in touch with man. However, His interaction with man became more precious when He decided to become man. He experienced the limitations of man, paid for the sins of man and chose to make the body of man His temple.  

Jesus was a baby. He grew. He became a teenager and matured into adulthood. He was crucified. He died and resurrected. Before He left earth, He promised that He was going to send the Holy Spirit, Who is also God, to come dwell with us. So, since the birth of Jesus, humans have always had God living with, and in them, continuously. This is special because the children of God who lived before the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus didn’t have this privilege. They didn’t have God be so close to them like we’re privileged to have. Now, we have this intertwined relationship with God: He’s in us and we’re in Him. And the most interesting part of it all is…nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from God. This “No Separation Promise” is not even on us to keep, it’s all on God. It’s God’s promise to us, and we aren’t powerful enough to frustrate Him to the point where He’ll break that promise. As a Christian, never forget that you’re forever connected to God. Chant, “Immanuel.” Say, “God is with us.”

Now, let’s unwrap 2 Christmas thoughts

Thought 1: God doesn’t separate Himself from His virtues. If God lives in you, you’re free to access every virtue encapsulated in Him. Therefore, God with you means that all of God’s wisdom, power, goodness, glory and favour are always available for you, in FULL. This should immerse you in confidence and gratitude. You can’t have all of God’s limitless virtues available to you, and not have confidence and gratitude.

Why should you be unconfident? Why aren’t you happy? It doesn’t make sense, when you’re not happy. It might look like you’re in an isolated place, and having thousands to feed, when all you have is five loaves of bread and two fishes. But, if God is with you, He can use those loaves and fishes to do wonders. Your case might be like dead bones that are dried and forgotten. Well, God’s presence can create a mighty living army from those dead bones. Most times, the reason you get bothered, scared, angry and worried is that you downplay the presence of God in your life. So, chant, “Immanuel.” Tell yourself, “God is with me.”

Thought 2: God doesn’t separate Himself from His values. God’s values don’t just mean a lot to Him, all of them, summed up together, make Him God. When we search the scriptures, we see these values. God values Love and its expressions— humility, faithfulness, kindness, self-control, joy, peace, patience, goodness. God also values purity, holiness, a cheerful giver, evangelism etc. If God is with you, you can’t live your life in a way that opposes His values. Let me expand this point with an explanation.

Everyone has that person they truly admire, honour and respect…I believe. It can be a granny, parent, sibling, mentor, coach, boss, leader, a celebrity or a lover. Now, whenever you are around that person you admire, honour and respect, you try to act right. If someone gets you angry, in front of that person, chances are you’ll watch your words and actions. Why? It might be that you want to pretend to look good before the person you admire, honour and respect. Alternatively, it might be because you believe it’ll be disrespectful for you to act carelessly before that person. No matter the reason, the truth is, people often act proper when they are in the presence of someone they admire, respect and honour.

If we can be that conscious about our fellow human beings, how much more God? Can you allow the consciousness of God’s unwavering presence in your life affect all you say and do? Can you allow that consciousness make you value the things that God truly values? This isn’t about using your head to obey some rules, NO. This is about having a surrendered heart that truly wants to love Jesus, not because of fear, but because you admire, respect and honour Jesus. Can you live this way? Yes, you can. Chant, “Immanuel.” Say, “God is with me.”

As you celebrate this Christmas, as you get wrapped up in gifts, drowned in drinks and consumed by foods, never forget to chant, “Immanuel,” again and again. Let the consciousness of God’s presence in your life take roots. When that consciousness go deep, it’ll amaze you the fruits it’ll begin to produce in your life. The fruits will be so visible in your words, carriage and actions…and that’s exactly why Jesus was born. He came to be like us, so He can make us like Him.

My prayer for you and me:

Like never before, may we be conscious of God’s constant and continuous presence in our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Merry Christmas.

Also, stay in the Gym.

Stay Spiritually Fit.


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