A single mother decided, for the first time, to visit her only daughter, who had left home for another city after a successful job interview. When she got to her daughter’s current city, she immediately called her daughter to come pick her up from the bus terminal; unfortunately she had arrived earlier than planned. Her daughter had not closed from work.

“Mummy, are you standing in front of the fast food?”

“Adaoma, I said yes ooo”

“OK get on a bus that’s heading right, when you hear the conductor shouting ‘bakery junction’ tell him to stop you. Mama, please don’t pay them more than ₦100”

“OK o. my daughter I’ve heard you”

“When you get to the bakery junction call me, I’ll come out of the office to pick you”

“OK bye”

Thirty minutes swiftly went by, and Adaoma hadn’t heard from her mom. Very worried and confused, she decided to call her mom for the 11th time; miraculously, mama finally picked her call.

“Mama where are you na?” she shouted

“My daughter I’m still in the bus o”

What? How is that possible? Is there traffic?

“No… the road is very clear”

“Chai! Mama you’ve passed the bakery junction”

“That’s not possible my child, I’ve not heard the conductor mention Bakery”

At this point Adaoma was very scared

“Mama how many are you in the bus?”

“The bus is full. They’re dropping and picking people”

Adaoma ended the call in a bit to figure out what to do next. Her facial expression told it all. Her office mate didn’t need her to say anything else, so he immediately advised Adaoma to ask mama her exact position.

“Mama please ask someone in the bus to tell you where you are exactly”

“Ah! Ada, so everybody will now know I’m coming to this city for the first time”

“Mama I’m very sorry, but you don’t have to shout, quietly ask someone. I need to know where you are exactly”

Mama wasn’t comfortable with the plan, but she had no choice. So, she quietly observed the faces on her left and right, before leaning over to the young girl in a sun yellow dress on her right, and asked in a whisper:

“My daughter, please don’t be angry, I’m new to this city… where are we exactly?”

“Ma, we’re in mile2, we just passed the main daily market” answered the young girl with a warm smile

Mama was definitely captured by the smile, hence felt comfortable to ask the smiling figure to help send a text message to Adaoma, who had already called three times for a feedback.


Adaoma was laughing heartily.

“Mama please give them the ₦200, it’s not their fault. You entered a wrong bus”

“But Adaoma, it’s your fault o”

“Mama is not my fault either. You said you were standing in front of the fast food, not opposite”

“Adaoma, I don’t blame you. Finish me with English language, but remember I paid your fees through school”

Both mama and Adaoma were now laughing out the built up tension. Mama crossed the road and boarded a right bus. All along mama was moving on the wrong direction. She told her daughter she was standing in front of the fast food, but she was standing opposite it, so when Adaoma said get on a bus and head right, mama’s right was Adaoma’s left.

The moment mama crossed the road and boarded a new bus, a bus that was heading towards Adaoma’s actual right; mama was on the right track.

For a while, Mama will definitely see the exact same things she saw, when she was moving on the wrong direction. The houses, the colours of the houses, the trees, the shops, the banks… everything will remain the same. They won’t change because she was coming back. But will it make sense if she calls Adaoma to say:

“I’m seeing all the things I saw when I was moving on the wrong direction”

No it won’t.

Why? As long as the bus keeps moving she will get to the point where she won’t see those things no more. Yes, she can still see them now, but the bus is now moving on the right track… on the right direction… there’s a Big difference.

It’s the same with our spiritually growth.

We can’t give up because we still see the things we saw in our life as unbelievers. So when we lie, get angry and do things that are ungodly, we shouldn’t give up and say “no need” “I can’t do this Christian thing anymore”  “I don’t think God has accepted me yet”


Keep moving. When you fall, rise up, dust yourselves and continue the journey. Tell the devil “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. I’m a new creature. My spirit is one with God; I’m just learning to train my flesh. I’m not yours!!!”

Keep moving. Keep renewing your heart. Don’t give up. Refuse to accept the guilt from the devil. God is not angry with you. God can never be angry with you. The day you accepted the offering of Jesus, God threw a party in heaven, in your honour. He loves you so much; your human mind can’t comprehend it.

Keep moving. When you feel guilty, run to Him, don’t run from Him. Tell Him you’re sorry. Ask for Grace. No matter how many times you fail… no matter how many times you fall… always, always, always… always run back to Him. He won’t judge you. He won’t condemn you.

Our mistakes; past, present and future, don’t take Jesus by surprise.

Jesus told Peter:

“… I tell you Peter
Before a single cock shall crow this day,
You will three times (utterly) deny you know me”
Luke 22:4 (AMP)

Deny Jesus? Of course even Peter refused to believe it. Nonetheless, did it come to pass? Yes!

Another question: before and after the denial, did Jesus treat Peter any less of a trusted disciple? No!

Before the denial He said to Peter “feed my lamb.” After the denial He used Peter to establish the church.

So on Sunday, you were lost in worship and felt the love of God for you… hours went by… and it’s Friday, and you can’t keep count of how much you’ve failed God… so you can’t feel the love you felt on Sunday. Now you feel unworthy and want to shy away from God, but God knew how and when you were going to do ALL the wrongs while you were lost in worship on Sunday, yet you felt His love.

The devil will want to make you feel that you’re not worthy, but we already know that anything that originates from the devil is a lie… sorry, BIG Lie.

There are no “in-betweens”

Is either Jesus or the devil; there are no “in-betweens”. So, if you don’t run back to Jesus, where else? The devil? Should that ever even be an option for anybody? How do you think the devil will welcome you? You think the devil is going to give you a blanket to keep warm, with your favourite drink in a glass, in your hand, while he rubs you on the back saying “dear, it’s alright. Now we get to try it my way, since Jesus’ way didn’t work out.” Nah!!!

The devil is going to use his sharpest spear, furiously pierce through you, while you’re still very far from him. Then he’ll drag you closer and order that a fire be heated a billion times. Then he’ll order that you be hung on a stake that’s over the heated fire. Then he’ll order that a barbecue be made out of your soul… you’re scared?… well this description is nothing compared to the actually deal.

The Grace of God is also protecting people that haven’t accepted the offering of Jesus. God made sure, because, if it’s left with the devil, he won’t want to give an unsaved soul more days that can be an opportunity to surrender to Jesus.

Dear, the devil is never an option.

The answer is not to stay away from church, Godly people, your Bible, prayer… the answer is not to stay away from God. Get to the point where you make the decision— “I’ll keep moving.” As you keep coming back, the Grace of God will keep teaching you how to deny ungodliness.

Even Bible celebrated heroes failed at some point (someday, some other post(s), hopefully).


If you’re not in tune with Jesus you breached the communication, not Jesus

“For God’s gifts and His call are Irrevocable—He
Never withdraws them when once they are given
And He does not change His mind about those
To whom He gives His grace or to whom He sends His call”
Romans 11:29 (AMP)


Jesus can never be the one that let go… impossible! It is us that let go. He has seen our mistakes beforehand, paid for them, before we showed up.

God knew what He was getting Himself into, when He gave the offering of Jesus. He knew we’ll have our “intentionals” and our “mistakes” yet He still chose to love us anyway. He loved us in FULL before we even had time to consider the offering of Jesus.


Don’t stop moving. That’s a process in,

Staying Spiritually Fit.



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  1. The spiritual truth in this simple illustration is mind blowing, the Christian journey is work in process. Gods gift are irrevocable. God bless u debbie

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