As a Christian, if I ask you, “Do you believe in God and depend on Him?” you’re probably going to say, “Yes.” However, like the old saying goes, “Talk is cheap.”

Most times, we think we believe in something or someone, but we don’t.  We don’t believe because we say we do; we believe when our actions say so, especially actions we carry out before we even realize what we’ve done.

Few hours before writing this post, I was hanging out with some friends. We decided to have a girls’ day out, and we picked an assembling venue. When we all got to that venue, we booked a ride that was going to take us to our actual venue for the day. When our taxi arrived, we, joyfully, continued our chit-chat as we entered the taxi. The driver turned on the ignition, and starting driving us to our destination. The only question we asked the driver was, “Are you familiar with our destination?” We had already confirmed that he was the driver we were waiting for. When he said that he was familiar with our destination, we continued our hearty conversation, and let him do his job.

We hadn’t met that man before. He could have been a driver who barely knows how to steer the steering wheel, but we didn’t care. Why? We trusted the process. We had faith that the driver could drive. People have died by just being so trusting, like we were. We’ve heard of sad stories where drivers drove recklessly and killed people. There was nothing to make us believe that this driver was any different from a reckless driver, but we trusted him anyway.

Now, that’s what it means to trust in, have faith in, and depend on someone or something. We didn’t even have to tell the driver over and over again that we trusted him, in other to suppress our anxiety, like we would, if it was God. We didn’t cry through the journey, while wondering if we are ever going to get to our destination. We were laughing, talking, and assured that getting to our destination was inevitable. The few times we spoke to the driver, we were inviting him to share in our laughter and conversation. It was peaceful, joyful and beautiful. That’s trust and faith playing out.

Having said all of the above, let me now really ask the question from earlier on. Here you go: do you believe in and depend ON GOD?

Do you trust Him? Do you believe He can see you through? Do you believe that His plans for you are for good and not for evil? Do you believe that He sees your pain and understands them? At this point, you know I’m not just expecting a “Yes” or “No” from you. This is where you take a long pause to check your actions and see if they truly match your confession of trust and faith in God.

Don’t Just Say it, Live it out

Learn to really throw all of you ON GOD, and just trust Him to carry you to where He knows is best for you. Don’t just trust God with your words, trust Him with your actions. Learn to understand that He’s your RESOURCE for absolutely EVERYTHING.

It isn’t just me and my friends that have trusted the ability and character of a total stranger, even when our lives could have been in great danger. You’re like us too. Before you disagree with me, please, permit me to ask, when was the last time you asked to see a Pilot display his skill, before you let him fly you thousands of feet away from the ground?

You can’t see God. No, you can’t. But, you also can’t see the Pilot who is flying the plane you’re in. You only hear the Pilot’s voice, and you believe and obey whatsoever his voice tells you. That’s your sign right there that you can do whatsoever God tells you to do, you just have to renew your mind. You just have to train your mind to understand that God is more real and absolutely more trustworthy than a Pilot can ever be.

God owns the world, everything, and everyone in it. He can turn circumstances for your favour, in a twinkle. He has the answers to all your needs, and He wants to bring them to you. He’s sustaining you outside of your own human effort. It isn’t your job that is sustaining you. Your business isn’t what is holding you together. God is only using them as tools to bless you. He can choose to bless you without them. You can have that business, career and job and yet they won’t sustain you. If you think I’m bluffing go back to the Bible and see how God humbled King Nebuchadnezzar, when he felt his splendour and glory was his own doing. God did the same thing with different Kings and their kingdoms. Today, He’s using one kingdom to punish others for their sins, the next minute, He’s bringing down the same kingdom He used and lifted.

There’s a lot in the supernatural for us, but we aren’t accessing them because we have refused to have faith in God and trust what His Word says to us and about us. Again, God is your RESOURCE for EVERYTHING, think like it, act like it, talk like it, plan like it, prepare like it, make decisions like it, give like it, work like it, ask Him for your need like it, and praise Him like it.

Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you (1 Peter 5:7).

It’s ON GOD… it’s ALL on Him.

My prayer for you and me:

Like never before, may we know and understand how much God is for us and much we mean to Him. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Get in the Gym;

Stay Spiritually Fit.


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