As Believers, we have to really know and understand that God is our Keeper.

God, our Keeper? What does that even mean? It means God retains us. He preserves us. He maintains us. He holds us. He sustains us. He hides us. He watches over us. He guards us. He protects us. He shelters us. He shields us. He takes care of us. He looks after us. He owns us. We can go on and on with the list, bottom line is; we are God’s responsibility.

God is like the parents who just welcomed a newborn. To a newborn, this world is very strange. All a newborn had ever known is the womb, hence when newborns leave the comfort of the womb, they don’t know how to cope on their own. It is the responsibility of the parents to help the newborn cope. The parents will bath the child, clothe the child, feed the child, make sure the child is in the right temperature, and literally teach the child all the child needs to know to help the child grow and survive in this world. God is like the parents of the newborn. The only difference between God and the parents is that one day the child will grow and leave the tutelage, comfort, security and care of the parents, but children of God never get to leave God’s tutelage, comfort, security and care.

You need to be kept

 No matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, you need to be kept by God. Never let the devil bring you to the point where you believe that you can now do the heavy lifting in your life, without the help of God. It doesn’t even have to be a heavy lifting. You need God to help you do the tiniest of things. This doesn’t mean you aren’t growing in your walk with Jesus. It means that no matter how you grow and mature in God, you are forever depended on Him. It means you take all the pressure from you and just understand that “God gat you.” God wants us to crawl, stand, walk, run, fly and soar so high, but He doesn’t want us to be the chicks that will one day grow too big and go on to live and survive without the mother hen. No matter how we grow, He always want to protect and cover us as the mother hen does her chicks.

You will be kept because your keeping is God’s job

If you have ever felt, “Will I become better?” “Will I do better?” “Will I live better?” “Will things ever be better?” Whatsoever “better” means to you, this post is for you. You can make it and you will make it. Yes, you can come out of that addiction. You can live truly and freely for Jesus. The miracle will come. The breakthrough is a “sure promise.” Why and how do I know? I know so, because you aren’t the one responsible for your keeping, God is…and HE WILL KEEP YOU. Take the focus off you. Take the weight and the pressure from that weight off your shoulders. Cast it all on Jesus for He cares for you. Yes, there is a part for you to play, but know your limits. Don’t play you and play God. Do your part, and take your hands off God’s part. The Bible clearly states our part. The Bible says to pray, read and meditate on God’s Word, surround yourself with the right things and people, have faith, speak right, give, love, forgive, sing etc. What tomorrow holds, how you grow, the transformation you desire etc. that’s all on God. Don’t overstep your boundaries, because God has given you the privilege to collaborate with Him.

We can’t touch the intricate parts of our body, but they function as they are supposed to. Yet we bother about the physical aspect of your life, and can hardly just trust God entirely with the things we can see. We don’t worry about our heartbeat because it functions without our effort, yet we worry about our existence. If our heart stops beating and stays so, we cease to exist. The same God that is keeping our heartbeat can take care of us. Don’t you think so? When we have power, we trust our refrigerator to keep and preserve our foods, but we can’t trust God to keep and preserve us? If your refrigerator isn’t faulty, you don’t turn it on and then keep pacing and wondering if it will freeze up the stew, the way you want it to. Is God faulty? Personally, I believe it’s all a trick of the mind, and the trick works because we are letting the devil get in my minds.

Three “NEVERS”

Never accept any negative thought…no matter how reasonable it sounds.

Never complain, instead always find something to be grateful for.

Never forget, it isn’t your responsibility to keep yourself, it’s God’s…and God is too faithful not to keep you.

Mediate on the following scriptures

“The Lord keeps all those who love Him…”  Psalm 145:20

“Except the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; except the Lord keeps the city, the watchman wakes in vain.” Psalm 127:1

“…He who keeps you will not slumber…The Lord is your Keeper; the Lord is your shade on your right hand…The Lord will keep you from all evil; He will keep your life. The Lord will keep your going out and your coming in from this time forth and for evermore.” Psalms 121

My prayer for you and me:

May will never forget that God is our Keeper. Amen.

Get in the Gym,

Stay Spiritually Fit.


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