As I draw closer to God, I get to know more of Him, and I’m so grateful. I remember when it was foreign for me to say, “The Holy Spirit said…” I used to feel intimidated when I hear people say that. I also felt there was a very high height you have to go with God for you to have Him speak to you. It’s funny now. It’s very funny how it’s now easy to see through the lies of the devil.

God spoke through a Donkey. A Donkey. In the Chronicles and Kings, we see that kings who didn’t honour God heard from Him, when they decided to seek Him through His priests, prophets and prophetesses. So, why would He set a high standard for His own children who are under a better covenant? More than we want to hear from God, He wants to speak to us.

First, He speaks to us through the Bible. He also speaks to us through the gentle voice of the Holy Spirit. Go to God; ask Him to teach you to learn to hear from Him. He’s more than willing to make that happen.

Now, when and if you’re in a place where you understand how God speaks to you, something else becomes more important. You know what that is? Can you guess? What can ever be more important than hearing from God? Well…obeying God’s instructions to you.

You see, God can never speak empty words. His Words are always on a mission. They are sent forth to heal, restore, create, establish etc. Sometimes, His Word is for you and you alone, for your personal consumption and growth. Some other times, His Word to you is going to require you to take actions that’ll affect other people. When God requires that you take actions that’ll affect others, it can make you scared, nervous and very much afraid.

But we know, there should be only one response to God’s instructions, and it is, “YES.” If God will have you do it, then nothing and no one else should matter. It’s easier said than practiced though. That explains why you need to always rest in the power of the Holy Spirit and never on yourself. So, I’m encouraging you to lean on the Holy Spirit, always.

To help you create a culture of leaning on the Holy Spirit, I want to share three questions you should never ask, and one question you should always ask, when God gives you instructions.

Here are the three q’s you should never ask:

  1. What will people think or say about this?
  2. What will people think or say about me?
  3. How do I feel about this?

You shouldn’t ask any of the above q’s. If you do, you’re not going to feel, embrace and possess the courage that comes from the Holy Spirit. Those questions come from fear, and if you consider them, they are going to cloak you with fear. What you need is courage, and in this context courage is the ability to carry out God’s instructions, irrespective of what and how you feel. Courage comes from God.

Here’s the one q you should always ask,

  1. What’s God’s thought on this?

What God thinks about who you are and what you do should be your only focus, nothing else matters, no one else matters.

Finally, there’s something else I need you to know. Living boldly and confidently is a command from God to you (SEE Deut. 31:6, Prov. 28:1, Isaiah 60:1, Matt. 5:16, Romans 8:15, 2Tim. 1:6-8, 1Cor. 16:13). Shrinking and holding yourself back is actually disobedience. I know you don’t mean to. I know the fear is real, but that doesn’t make it less of a disobedience. Go back, mediate on the “never q’s” and the “always q” and I trust you’ll embrace God’s courage today.

My Prayer for you and me:

Like never before, may we learn to live for Jesus, and Jesus alone. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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